• • 9-inch High-Elastic Traction Control Tires

    • Electric Brake & Mechanical Brake

    • Built-In Front and Rear LED Lights

    • 18.6 mph Max Speed

    • 55 - 220 lbs (25 - 100 kg) Payload

    • 28 miles Range

    • 20% Hill Grade

    • Premium 18650 Power Battery

Three Riding Modes

<b>•Energy Saving Mode</b>

9.3 mph, 15.5 miles range

<b>•Normal Mode</b>

15.5 mph, 15.5 miles range

<b>•Sports Mode</b<

Faster acceleration, speed up 10% faster than the previous generation.
With an external battery, the max riding speed can be increased to 18.6 mph, with a 20% max slope!

Custom 700W Power Motor

The Ninebot customized high-performance motor has a speed of 18.6 mph, exceeding most electric bikes on the market. It can also tackle a 20% slope, taking you to wherever you want to go.

Premium 18650 Power Battery

The Ninebot customized battery pack adopts complete encapsulation process, with stronger anti-seismic and flame retardant properties, has IPX4 waterproof capabilities, a safer battery and increased reliability. The Ninebot KickScooter E45 also supports an external battery. After adding the additional battery, the range can be extended to 28 miles, with a speed of 18.6 mph and a 20% max slope.

Smart Battery Management System

With over 300 Million Lithium-ion Battery management experience. Every Ninebot electric Kickscooter has Smart-BMS technology to extend the life of our vehicles. We go above and beyond to ensure battery safety and extended battery life.

Ninebot Segway KickScooter E45