Segway X160 Repair for Autumn and Beyond

Are you looking to have an outdoor autumnal experience unlike anything else? Do you have a Segway X160 and want it to run at its very best? We can help with both. Here at AIC Motorsports, yes, you can buy a Segway X160 as well as plenty of other kinds of great Segway machines. That said, we’re the one place you can turn to for Segway X160 repair and parts that you can trust. Autumn is better with a dirt eBike. 

A Dirt eBike for the Terrain Ahead 

With this dirt ebike, you get essentially a perfect combination of the best attributes of traditional dirt bikes as well as mountain bikes - it’s like the best of both worlds, so to speak. They have enough power to be able to get you up the tough hills when the leaves have fallen, across that challenging terrain which, in the fall, can be oh so beautiful. Sure, summer’s a great time to take your dirt eBike out, but fall may be even better. With its unique Field Oriented Controls, it can actually stabilize itself, allowing it to better adapt to both the terrain as well as how you ride. 

Segway X160 Repair

Solution for Segway X160 Repair 

Having been said that, eventually, the best dirt eBike is going to break down at some point. When it does, we can be there. Here at AIC Motorsports, we have repairs done by professionally trained and certified Segway technicians. If that sounds rare, it is - you won’t find this practically anywhere else. Moreover, we do all of our repairs with original, actual Segway parts. That too makes us unique - Segway doesn’t just allow anyone to do this. Bottom line: when you bring your Segway here, we return it to you at its very best. 

You Can Do the Repairs: We’ve Got the Parts 

That does not mean, of course, that you can only give your Segway to us for repairs. If you want to do the repairs yourself, then we can provide you with the legitimate Segway parts to do exactly that. At our site, you can purchase the same Segway parts that we use in our repairs. If there’s a part for your Segway X160, X260, or even the C80, we can provide you with the actual Segway parts. We have an extensive list of parts at our site that we’re constantly updating. That way, you can find the parts you need for your Segway that much faster. 

A Segway to Go Your Way 

This time of year, like any other, is great for dirt eBikes. That said, there are plenty of other Segway machines and parts you can find here at our site. In fact, if you’d like to become a Segway retailer yourself, we can help you to set that up as well. For a full list of what we offer, you can head to our site or give us a call at (800) 424-5126.