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AIC Motorsports: The Only Place Certified to Sell Actual Segway Parts

Yes, you read the above sentence properly. We’re the only site where you can purchase genuine, certified Segway parts. Nothing aftermarket, nothing that “may work,” or anything like that - here, we offer the real thing. These are the parts that are specifically made for your Segways, that can keep them running exactly how you would like.

You may be able to find replacement Segway parts elsewhere, sure. But, what you won’t find are the original parts, the ones that were originally designed for your Segway. That’s what we offer.

Segway Replacement Parts for Dirt eBike X260 and 160 Parts

These bikes can only be described as “superlightweight.” With them, you can go where you want to when you want to. However, when they break down or require maintenance, we’ve got the parts that you need.

If you can think of a part for these Segway dirt eBikes, odds are you can find it at our site. Need a handle grip? Which side, right or left? Has the electronic throttle stopped working? We’ve got you covered there, too. From the rear rim to the steering bar, from parts as large as the speedometer to parts as small as the rear-wheel setback bushing, you can find them all right here.

Indeed, we even offer “parts” that may not necessarily be imperative to your Segway’s operation, but certainly make it more fashionable. We have plenty of stickers and more available as well.

eMoped C80 Parts

Described by Segway as “the perfect ride to cruise on,” the eMoped c80 is absolutely that. From the intuitive design that makes it so easy to control with just two buttons to the RideyGO! Intelligent System, this eMoped redefines what makes a “moped.” We have the parts that can keep it operating how you want.

Should your battery assembly have gone awry, you can find the parts you need for that right here. Additionally, we have Segway eMoped chargers, valves, accessory boxes, pedals, reflectors, galvanized bolts, and more. If there’s a part that could help your eMoped to run that much better, you can find it at our site.

Ninebot Kickscooter ES2 and Max Parts

With these kickscooters, as Segway says, “your next destination is one kick away.” One look at these kickscooters is more than enough to realize why they won so many prestigious design awards. From the sleek design to customizable LED lights to the front shock absorption and more, these take the idea of what a kickscooter can be to a whole new level.

When these parts are in, we can help you with what you need with this kickscooter. That means providing assistance with the batteries, the wheels, the lights, the shocks, the handle, and more.

Segway Parts for Sale

We do understand that, sometimes, you may come to our site and don't find the exact part that you’re looking for. Or, alternatively, maybe you’ve come to our site and found the part you need, only to also find that we’re sold out of it. We encourage you to reach out to us and let us know what you’re looking for.

The truth is that we’re always getting new parts in, we’re always adding more to our collection. What you see on our site today is not necessarily everything that we’ll have tomorrow. We’re committed to helping our customers to have the best Segway repair experience possible. That means offering the parts our customers need when they need them.

More Than Just Segway Parts

We’re quite glad to be able to provide our Segway customers with the very best in parts, both in terms of selection as well as quality. That said, don’t think that you’re on your own in terms of installing these parts. A Segway is a complex machine, unlike anything else on the road, so it’s entirely possible that you’re going to want experienced professionals to repair your Segway. We can help there, too.

If you need your Segway repaired, or you’re looking for the very best in parts, we’ve got your back. You can contact us here and we’ll get right to work for you.

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