• • Range up to 97km

    • Golden Riding Triangle

    • Anti-Theft with AHRS

    • Smart Locking/Unlocking System

    • Airlock System

    • Sensors Detection

    • Real-time updates on Mobile App

    • EBS: Energy Recovering Braking System.

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Halo-Shaped Headlight

The eMoped C80 LED front halo-shaped headlight consists of an inner and outer ring light. An ambient light sensor has been placed in the headlight enabling it to adjust the brightness based on the environment. Starting at dusk, the headlight will light up, providing you better visibility during your ride.

Regenerative Anti-lock Braking System

The front disk brake is paired with a rear drum brake to ensure fast and stable braking. The EABS System recoups energy to the battery to extend the range and takes you further.

Two-stage Central Shock Absorber

Dynamic as it looks, the outstanding two-stage central shock absorber is ready to tackle the bumps on your way and deliver a smooth ride.

Segway eMoped E110