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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How long sill my Segway model last?

    The Segway has been designed to be extremely durable. Mechanical and electrical systems are solid state. The motors are brushless, so there are no moving parts that can wear out. Additionally, Segway PT parts are designed to be modular, so if any wear out or breakage, they can be easily replaced.

  • 2. How do I maintain batteries?

    Charge the large-capacity lithium batteries fully after every use and frequently when not in use. If you’re not going to use the vehicle for several months, store the battery when it's fully charged and then charge it once a month. For longer periods, store the fully charged battery and vehicle separately and charge the battery once every three to six months. If you store the vehicle when it’s not fully charged; e.g., at 50% capacity, it may discharge excessively within 15 days.

  • 3. How to ride and use Kickscooter? What need to pay attention?

    Slide at 3km/h, stand on the unit, press on accelerograph can speed up the unit. If slide speed less then 3km/h, accelerograph will not be triggered.

  • 4. If the electric brake and electric throttle didn’t spring back after press it, how to solve it?

    if they can’t spring back, check if there’s resistance between handle grip and tablet, if there is adjust the location of handle grip, it should be 5mm between tablet and handle grip.

  • 5. How to solve stem shakes when driving?

    Check the screw which connect stem and front fork and neck assembly is tight enough.

  • 6. How to solve if the unit can not brake?

    Turn on the unit, push the unit forward and lift the front wheel up,and press electric throttle, the wheel is rolling now,press electric brake check if the wheel could be braked.

  • 7. How to solve dashboard no light?

    If the connection is fine, that means control board abnormal or dashboard abnormal (need technicians help)