• 7500W Motor
    The 7500W peak power provides more power and torque. This is more than the other e-Motos in this category.

    50 N.m Torque
    This is class-leading torque for exceptional acceleration and climbing ability.

    Balanced and Neutral Chassis
    Weight is evenly distributed so rider compression from the middle of the seat or standing on the pegs causes the front and rear suspension to compress equally.

    Motorcycle Transmission
    Competitors use belts for gear reduction between the motor and front sprocket. This drains power and is more susceptible to failures. The Mantis uses internal, motorcycle-style gears creating better efficiency and a smoother ride.

    Motorcycle Style Stem
    The motorcycle handlebar stem provides better stability and durability and is adjustable for height and fore/aft placement, allowing riders to find the most comfortable riding position.

    Longer Rear Fender
    We have developed a longer rear sub-frame to integrate a traditional off-road motorcycle fender providing protection to the rider and motorcycle from dirt/rock roost, mud and water.

    Rugged Aluminum Frame
    The Mantis frame has undergone 50,000 jump tests and 20,000 kilometers of riding tests. It is 40% thicker than other brands and undergoes CNC-integrated processing.  While this does increase the overall weight of the bike, it greatly reduces the risk of frame fractures. This allows the Mantis to withstand more aggressive off-road terrain and obstacles.

    Steel Suspension Internals
    Other brands use aluminum shafts for the suspension system to reduce weight. The Mantis uses more expensive, durable steel suspension internals, eliminating the suspension failures that the other e-Motos experience.

    IP67 Waterproof Structure
    The Mantis is designed with total waterproofing, including wiring, battery, and motor, allowing it to easily handle most off-road water situations and withstand pressure washing.

RAWRR MANTIS S - DOT-Compliant Street-Legal E-Moto