What Our Segway Repair Provides

Have you been looking for Segway repair that can actually repair your Segway? Are you wary about taking your Segway to just any repair shop? You absolutely should be. After all, an auto mechanic is, by nature, not equipped to repair a Segway. No Segway product is truly like an automobile; it’s a unique, one of a kind machine. Thus, it’s important to get unique, one of a kind service. That’s what you’ll find here at our authorized Segway shop. 

Authorized Segway Repair and Parts 

Here at AIC Motorsports, we are licensed to repair C80, X160, and X260 Segway machines. So, if you’ve got an eMoped or an ebike from Segway, our pros can repair it right. Not only do we have authorized repair for those parts, but we’re also the only place that any customer or dealer can purchase these parts from. That may sound like hyperbole, something we made up, or just a hard selling technique, but it’s true. If you’ve got those machines, we can make them run how you would like to. 

An Easy to Follow Process 

While we are one of the rare places that can repair those Segway machines, we still wanted to do everything in our power to streamline the Segway repair process. We see that, as one more way to make things easier on our Segway customers. So, all you have to do to get started is to pick the service that’s right for you. Then, scroll down and check out. Soon after, our team will reach out to you. From there, you’ll pay for shipping and provide a return label. Then, our team will get right to work inspecting your machine and then making the appropriate, necessary repairs. 

Segway Repair

Expert Eyes Fix What Needs to be Fixed 

The last point in the above section is key. When our pros look at your machine, they do a thorough check over. Should they find anything that could potentially be a larger problem down the line, we’ll let you know. We don’t fix it until you tell us that we should, however. We see this as one more way to help you to get the most out of both your Segway as well as your wallet. Whenever we can help someone to avoid potential future problems with their Segway, we see it as our responsibility to help. 

Beyond Pro Repair 

Many of our Segway customers are true Segway enthusiasts. They’ve had these machines for many years, some of them growing up with them, and they want to do their repairs on their own. That's fine, too. We have plenty of great Segway parts at our site as well. In fact, you can find the parts you’ll need for your C80, X160, and X260 right here at our site. You can even find Segway machines and even an opportunity to become a Segway retailer. To see all that we can offer, head to our site or call (800) 424-5126.