• • 17.5 Mph Top Speed

    • Up to 15.5 Mile Range

    • 9" Anti-Puncture Tires

    • 20% Hill Grade

    • Triple Braking System

    • Built-in Front LED Lights

    • IPX4 Water-Resistant

    • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    • One-step Folding For Easy Storage

    • 220 lbs Weight Load


Customized 700W Peak Power Motor

The customized high-performance motor provides Ninebot scooters the speed of 25km/h, which is the same as that in the national standard for electric bikes. With 15% slope dumbing capacity, the scooter can easily cope with the steep slope of the basement. Super performance allows you to derive freely.

High-quality 18650 Power Battery

Ninebot customized battery pack adopts complete encapsulating process, which has stronger shock resistance, flame retardancy and LPX7 water-proof capability. The battery is safer and more comfortable to use.

Expanded Battery Design Relieves Your Anxiety About Endurance

Support expanded battery. Additional battery increases range to 45km, with the highest speed of 30km/h, and the climbing slop rises to 20%.

Smart-BMS Battery Management System

The Smart-BMS system, which is developed based on the safety management experience of 300 million lithium batteries and has undergone 7years of technological iteration and upgrading, has enabled the lithium battery to have a longer service life, safer discharge and more accurate power display.

Ninebot Segway KickScooter E25A