Buy Segway C80 Parts at AIC Motorsports

Has your Segway C80 started to run not quite as well as you had hoped? Do you need a part but aren’t sure where to find it? There’s nothing like the C80. The true first-ever smart Moped-Style electric bike really can’t be compared to any other kind of vehicle. You can use it as a moped, you can use it as a scooter, but you can’t use it without the right parts. We make it easier than ever to buy Segway C80 parts here at AIC Motorsports.


Buy Segway C80 Parts at AIC Motorsports


Official Segway Parts

It’s important to note that here, at AIC Motorsports, we offer official Segway parts. These aren’t aftermarket, nor are they “general” parts that will work on other machines, other devices. No. These are genuine, authentic Segway parts made by Segway for Segways.

That said, we know that you have plenty of o[tions when it comes to buying parts for your C809. Thus, we do everything in our power to make sure that we stand out from the rest when it comes to Segway parts. How? For one, through offering interest-free payment plans on some of our more expensive parts.

To use an example, as of this writing, we have Charger - C80A - 56V4A in stock. It’s on sale for $199. You can buy it today for $199. Or, alternatively, you can pay in four interest-free installments of $49.75. We know that you can’t really choose when your Segway breaks down and needs a part.

So, we understand that it’s not always in the budget. Thus, we wanted to offer this so that more people could get more of the parts their Segway needs when they need them.

The Segway C80 Parts You Need

Of course, all of the above wouldn't be worth it if we only offered a few parts. That’s why we do everything we can to offer as many different parts as possible. If there’s a part that your C80 might conceivably need, the odds are good that we have it at our site. If we don’t, then we probably either just sold out of it and can get it back in stock soon. We always encourage folks to reach out to us if they can’t find the parts they need.

As of this writing, there are more than fifty different parts available for the C80 at our site right now. Frankly, there are a lot more than that but we stopped counting at fifty, as there are just so many.

At AIC Motorsports, we want to be your one-stop shop when it comes to Segway parts for your C80. We offer the big parts, the ones that everyone knows a Segway needs to run right. That covers the Battery Assembly, the Front Wheel Hub, and others.

But, in addition to that, we also have the parts that you may need which are smaller, which may be more challenging to find. For example, we offer the Sprocket Positioning Bayonet, the Outer Five-Point Flange Bolts, the Straight Groove Bowl (in Electrophoresis Black), and others.

Big, small, crucial to the operation of your Segway or just something that makes it look better, we offer it here. Moreover, we offer it at a price that you’ll be able to afford, too. That way, you can always have what you need for your Segway on your schedule.


Buy Segway C80 Parts at AIC Motorsports


If You Want More Than a Parts

We offer all of the parts you need for DIY Segway improvement, yes. However, if you don't want to do your C80 repairs on your own, we may be able to help. We also offer repair services from trained, experienced Segway technicians. Moreover, we’re one of the few places authorized to do so.

If you aren’t sure whether you should purchase the parts from us or bring your Segway here to be fixed, we’re always glad to sit down with you and discuss.

A Home for Segways

You can buy Segway parts from many places, online, from other Segway owners, and so forth. But, you can never be 100% sure how good those parts are, or how right they are for your Segway. That's not how we do things here at AIC Motorsports.

Here, we offer official C80 parts. They aren’t knockoffs, they aren’t “like” the other parts, they’re the real thing, as good as it gets. While we’re proud to offer parts for the C80, that’s also just one of the kinds of parts that we offer. Indeed, you’ll find that we offer parts for all kinds of Segway models.

Beyond parts, we also offer plenty of vehicles, too. To see everything that we have to offer, you can head to our site. Or, if you want to talk to one of our experts, you can give us a call at (800) 424-5126.