• Torque Sensor
    Whether you pedal to your max or at a leisurely pace, your upgraded torque sensor meets you where you're at and amplifies your efforts. Experience a more natural riding style where Level.2 Step-through syncs to you, while also reducing battery used and extending your range!

    Front Suspension
    Take comfort to the next level with a front suspension fork and up to 65mm of travel, absorbing both the toughest parts of the trail and the pavement underneath your wheels.

    Rack & Fenders
    Pre-installed fenders will keep you protected from even the toughest of elements while a built-in rear rack transport everything you might need for your joy riding!
    Hub Motor & Battery commute with an electric twist! Level.2's powerful 500w hub motor and integrated battery will get you where you need to be in record time, with power still to spare.

    Pedal Assist & Throttle
    Activate one of five levels of pedal assist for days where you want a little extra boost to keep up with the grandkids or resolve on the throttle to ensure you make it to work on time!

    Step-Through Frame
    Creating a step-through frame opens up the roads to everyone! For those who may have limitations preventing them from hopping on a traditional bike or simply prefer having frame options, Level.2 Step-through makes it easy for everyone to saddle up and get out there!

AVENTON Level.2 Step-Through