• Featuring a dual-drive hybrid intelligent speed sensing system which makes riding easily, the electric bike comes with 3 pedal assist modes , so you can customize your riding mode to your terrain. The Trooper 01 provides an estimated 25-55+ miles of range depending on the pedal-assist mode switch.

    Features a straddle-type aluminum alloy frame, full suspension with 20x4-inch fat tires that reduce the bumps when passing through tough terrain and provides more stability.
    Equipped the BMS battery protection to fully protect the battery life and extend the using span. The high-brightness headlights and Yadea's recognizable taillights are eye-catching and easy to identify, making your trip safe at night. The sensitive and quick response front and rear hydraulic disc brakes help you easily deal with various unexpected conditions during the trip to avoid danger

YADEA Trooper 01