Segway X160 Parts, Repair, and More

Have you been looking for a new kind of adventure? Do you want to get the most out of every day, every trip, every ride? If so, then you’re probably a good fit for the Segway X160. One of the most popular Segways, this dirt bike provides a clean, smooth ride, practically anywhere you take it. Here at AIC Motorsports, you can buy these (provided they’re in stock at the time), get the Segway X160 parts you need, and your X160 can even be fixed by our pro repair staff. 

The Segway X160: Opening the Off-Road to Everyone 

You may know the most common reasons that folks love the X160: it doesn’t weigh much, it’s easy on the environment, it’s very compact so that it can travel anywhere, and so forth. However, perhaps the most popular reason to buy one is that it makes the outdoors more accessible. These dirt bikes make it safe and easy for just about anybody to explore off-road terrains confidently. The most winding paths, tough mountains, boggy creeks, and more - this stable rider adjusts to your specific habits, for the best possible riding experience. 

Segway X160 Parts

Trusted Segway X160 Parts 

Another reason that these are so popular: they’re low-maintenance. That said, they aren’t invincible. Should you need a part for your X160, you can find it here. In fact, you can find just about any part for your X160. Moreover, we don’t just offer the parts - we offer the specific, true authorized Segway parts. There’s nothing “aftermarket” here, nothing “second hand” or “universal.” (In this context, “universal” means: “made for something other than a Segway.”) Instead, you’ll find the exact, perfect parts for your Segway so that it can ride better. 

Repair Professionals 

Now, you may have read the above section and thought: “well, that sounds great, but I just wanted to ride my X160, I didn’t want to have to repair it myself.” That’s where we can come in. Our professional Segway repair team can make sure that your X160 runs exactly as it should. The X160 is one of the Segways that our team can take care of, thus making certain that your Segway runs right for a long time to come. 

More Than the X160 

When it comes to Segways, parts, and more, one of our goals is always to be able to provide as much as possible. We’ve found that when folks are presented with options, they pick the Segway that connects the most to them. Indeed, we offer so many Segways and Segway parts, this isn’t even the only dirt bike that we offer. You can find the X260 dirt bike here as well. There's nothing like riding a Segway. It’s a unique experience, no matter what make or model you’re on. To see all that we offer you can come to our site. To speak to a pro, call us at (800) 424-5126.