Authorized Segway Repair and the Parts You Need

Are you worried that your Segway dirt bike isn’t running as well as it had been? Do you need a particular Segway part that you just can’t seem to find? Here at AIC Motorsports, we offer the very best in Segway parts. Essentially, if there’s a part for your Segway that you need, you can find it here. Beyond that, we also offer authorized Segway repair too for particular Segway models. If you have an X160, X260, or C80, we can fix it just right. 

Dirt Bikes 

If you’ve got an X160 or X260, we can repair them to work how you want. These are incredible, powerful machines. When you get one of these dirt bikes, you expect them to be able to go over seventy miles for their maximum range, to be able to go in excess of thirty miles an hour (or forty for the X260). When they don’t do that, something needs to be done. Here, we offer authorized repair, one of the very few places you can find it. That way, you can ride your Segway how you want to. 

Authorized Segway Repair


We call the c80 a “moped” but, really, in the end, it’s more than that. Specifically, it is (as Segway calls it) “the first-ever smart moped-style ebike from Segway.” No matter what you call it, when it doesn’t operate how you would like, our professional repair can help. Should the shocks no longer absorb, the RidleyGO! System breaks down, or any other problems, we can repair your c80 to the most exacting specifications: our own. We treat every Segway we work on as if it were ours so that you can have the best Segway experience possible. 

All the Segway Parts 

The above are the kinds of Segway repairs that we can provide. However, that’s far from the only way that we can help Segway owners. For example, we have just about every other part that you might need for your Segway. A Segway is a unique, specialized machine (to put it mildly). As such, they need unique, specialized parts to be able to reach their peak function. Thus, we offer a wide range of the best parts possible. That way, your Segway is always your own. 

Beyond Authorized Segway Repair 

Repair on certain Segway models, official Segway parts, Segways - we have just about everything that you could potentially want that’s Segway-related. That also includes opportunity. If you’re looking to become a Segway exclusive partner yourself, we can help. Indeed, we can set up the floor samples, we can handle the dropship service and more. No minimum order is required, so you can start from just about anywhere. To see everything that we offer, head to our site. To speak to a Segway professional, you can reach us at (800) 424-5126.