How You Can Make Money from Our Segway Dealership

Have you been looking for an additional revenue stream? Does it feel like you have space that you aren’t using? Then, our Segway dealership and repair shop may be able to help. Here at AIC Motorsports, as of this writing, we’re looking for partners to become Segway retailers. It may sound complex, but getting started with it can be much easier than you might think. Moreover, it provides a great, win-win opportunity for all involved. 

No Minimum Order On Your End 

You don’t have to pay anything to get started. So many entrepreneurs are, rightly, concerned about putting money down for a business upfront. That's perfectly understandable. Thus, we don't expect you to. We want to grow a business together with you. So, we have no problem whatsoever starting with nothing. We can work with you from the very beginning with no minimum order whatsoever. 

Segway Dealership

Have Floor Space? We Have Floor Samples 

Do you have a store within which to demo the products? Do you have some kind of customer-facing location that has extra space? Then we can provide floor samples. We can bring floor samples of these incredible Segway machines to your space. That way, people can see what they are, what they can do, and just how amazing they can be. Again, this isn’t something that you’re going to have to pay for. We provide these samples for free. You shouldn’t have to invest just to be able to build a partnership with us. Our goal is for both businesses to grow strong and right together. 

Taking Care of the Toughest Parts for You 

If you’re interested in this, the odds are quite good that you’ve got so many questions about it. That’s understandable, too. One of the most common questions we’re asked is some version of: “OK, say I do get into this. What am I going to do about shipping, transporting, all of that?” it’s a great question. To that end, we have a dropship service available, too. We see it as one more way to take the pressure off of you. We’ll do the shipping for you. That way, you have one less thing to worry about. 

Our Segway Dealership is Ready to Help in Multiple Ways 

Of the many great factors about these partnerships, one of the best is that we’re already starting to see results. So many of our partners have already begun to grow their businesses, to rise with us as their Segway retailership takes off. You can get started with us today. Of course, if you just want Segway parts and repair, we can help there, too. To that end, you can find all of the services and parts that we offer right at our site. To learn more about becoming a retailer or anything else related to Segways, stop by our site or call us at (800) 424-5126.