The Right Segway Parts for Your eBike and More

Have you noticed a problem with your eBike? Does it seem like it doesn’t operate as well as it did? Segway’s dirt eBikes, the X260 and the X160, are genuine technological marvels, the first true electric dirt bikes from Segway. So, you can’t exactly just pick up the parts for them at any bike store. That’s just one of the reasons that we’re proud to be an authorized Segway parts dealer. In fact, only we have the parts inventory for the X160 and X260 in the United States. That said, we offer far more than just the parts. 

Authorized Segway Repair 

At AIC Motorsports, we’re one of the few places that Segway has licensed to repair Segways. Thus, we’re able to provide you and your Segway ebike with the level of service that you deserve. Before we ever let our service repair professionals work on a Segway ebike, they have to pass the highest standards in the industry: the ones we set for ourselves. That way, we ensure that your Segway receives the best possible care. 

The Segway Parts You’ll Need 

To make sure that your repairs are of the highest caliber, we provide the very best in Segway parts. It’s important to note: we don’t just say “we provide the very best” as hyperbole or exaggeration. Rather, it’s simply the truth, as we are the only place in America where you can find the right parts inventory for your X160 as well as X260 ebikes. By purchasing a Segway ebike, you showed that you weren’t willing to settle, to compromise. We don’t believe that you should have to do so when it comes to parts, either. 

Segway Parts

More Than Parts: Segway Machines 

Helping Segway owners to have their Segway running properly is a specialty of ours. That said, we’re also glad to have helped so many to begin their Segway ownership here as well. At our site, you can find all of the Segway machines that we offer. Here, you can find more than the ebikes, as we also offer scooters, go-karts, and much more. We’re always bringing in new machines and new parts, so if you go to our site and see that something is sold out, it won’t be long before the update. 

Start Your Segway Journey Here 

If you’ve even so much as taken a ride on a Segway, then you know there’s nothing like Segway ownership. To that end, we also make it possible to become a Segway retailer in your own right, too. In fact, we can help you to get started as a Segway retailer without having to put down any money, as well. If you’d like to discuss this, Segway repair, procuring the right parts for your Segway, or so much else, you can check out our site or give us a call at (800) 424-5126.