• Backlit LCD Display
    Keep up with your riding metrics including speed, battery life and pedal assist level with the Full Color Display. Charge your smartphone with its concealed USB port and sync to the Aventon app to connect to the larger Aventon community.

    Torque Sensor
    The Pace 500.3's torque sensor will recognize your pedaling efforts and match them to amplify your natural momentum, ultimately conserving battery life and extending riding range as you cruise the streets.

    Upright Cruiser Frame
    The relaxed, upright cruiser frame and swept-back handlebars with a cushioned saddle provides the ultimate level of comfort and ride-ability for more time on the road.

    Integrated Lights w/ Turn Signal functionality
    Integrated front and rear lights allow you to see and be seen orthe road, while the all-new turn signal functionality doubles as a safety feature by protecting you on the road and indicating your next move to those behind you.

    Hub Motor & Battery
    A powerful 500W rear-hub motor coupled with a fast changefully integrated 48V battery means you can cruise farther and faster than ever before.

    Pedal Assist & Throttle
    Switch between throttle and 4 levels of pedal assist: eco, tour, Sport and turbo, to get more out of your leisurely ride. Add boost to the way you cruise with a top speed of 28 mph and up to 60 miles in range.

    Adjustable Stem
    Pace 500.3's adjustable stem allows you to raise or lower the handlebars to find the right angle that's most comfortable for your next ride.
    Puncture Resistant Tires
    Puncture resistant tires will protect you on the road while the reflective sidewalls provide more visibility in low light conditions.

AVENTON Pace 500.3 ebike