Go Beyond the Go-Kart at AIC Motorsports

Have you been looking for a better go-kart? Or, alternatively, are you looking for something that’s nominally like a go-kart but really so much more? You can find a go-kart (or go-kart-like vehicle) to fit your specific needs here at AIC Motorsports. You know that we offer plenty of Segway parts for sale as well as repairs. What some are unaware of is that we also offer great vehicles, too. When you read “Segway,” you might think of the scooters and mopeds, but really, you should think of the go-karts, too. 

Ninebot Go-Kart Kit 

There’s a Ninebot Go-Kart to fit everyone’s needs. The first model that many opt for is the Go-Kart Kit. With a top speed of 15mph, this go-kart can absolutely go. Moreover, it can go just about anywhere, as it can handle a 10% hill grade. You can take it anywhere, too, as it’s plenty compact. Fully reversible and with an adjustable seat, you can modify this go-kart to fit you and where the journey takes you. App control is available too so that you can pilot this go-kart where, when, and how you want. 

Go-Kart PRO 

The next step up from the Kit, the PRO is very much what you imagine: a professional-caliber go-kart. We’re not just saying that. Indeed, it was tested for more than two years by a professional go-kart racer. Through that, Nineboat was able to fine-tune it to provide the ultimate go-kart experience. What does that mean? That means that the steering is truly on-point, the go-kart itself is incredibly durable. That way, this go-kart is able to stand the test of time, offering maximum performance for a long time to come. 

Rides and Goes Anywhere 

The PRO go-kart is designed to provide a better go-kart experience. To wit: you can park it practically anywhere. Equipped with an “auto hold” system, it won’t slip when it’s parked on a steep slope. Think of it as a more advanced version of the Kit. For example, beyond the Kit, it can handle 10% hill grade, and it’s even faster, topping out at 23 miles per hour, meeting your need for speed. You can take it to where you want to ride it, too, as it’s almost entirely collapsible. That means it can fit in the majority of vehicle trunks. 

AIC Motorsports 

These are only two of the vehicles that we offer here at AIC Motorsports. We wanted to highlight these because, as of this writing, summer is in full swing. These vehicles are made for summer, exploring, finding new frontiers, heading onto the course or just riding around. That said, we have great vehicles for all times of the year, too. Whether you want a traditional Segway, a moped, a go-kart, to play the Mecha, or so much more, you can find it at our site. Moreover, you can find all of the parts you may need as well as we do maintenance for select models. Visit our site to learn more or call (800) 424-5126.