Segway X260 Repair for the Most Electric Offroading Ever

Does your Segway X260 not hold its charge as long as it did? Have you begun to notice other performance issues and aren’t sure how to fix them? The Segway X260 is, in so many ways, the apex electric dirt bike. Unlike any other machine on the market, it’s an incredible combination of cutting-edge technology, environmentally-conscious design, and flat-out speed. However, even the best machine sometimes requires care, parts, and maintenance. That’s where we come in. Our Segway X260 repair can help in a variety of ways. 

Segway X260 Repair for Your X260 Problems 

The X260 is all about adventure. Practically any time you get on one, adventure is a possibility. However, if the bike is operating at anything less than peak efficiency, the adventure could be an impossibility. Here at AIC Motorsports, over the years, we’ve been able to fix so many different, unique X260 problems. For one, our authorized repair professionals know that this bike can be customized to fit any individual rider. To that end, we’re still able to provide the kinds of repairs that get your X260 back in the game, so to speak, but also ensure that it still meets your specifications. 

Segway X260 Repair

Repair You Can Trust 

If you look back in the prior section, you’ll note the word “authorized.” We’re proud to say that, here at AIC Motorsports, we are one of the very few authorized X260 repair and service companies you’ll find anywhere. That means Segway themselves have said that we are qualified to be able to fix your X260. Segway has let us look “under the hood,” to use a phrase, to know exactly how to fix these machines. Now, we can put that experience to work for you. 

Parts and More 

All of the above having been said, not every X260 problem is going to be something that needs to be sent to us for repair. Indeed, many of the repairs simply require official Segway parts that can be installed by you, the owner. To that end, we’ve got a deep catalog of X260 parts. We encourage X260 owners to check our parts catalog often, as we’re constantly updating it. If you don’t see the part you need, if you come back tomorrow, it may be there. Additionally, we have more than parts for just the X260 as you can also find X160 and C80 parts, too. 

Beyond the X260 

We’re authorized to repair X260, X160, and C80 Segway machines. On top of that, we can provide official parts for them as well. If you go through our site, you’ll find all kinds of parts for many different Segway models. Speaking of Segway models, you can purchase those through our site. If you're someone who has some space that isn’t being used at your company, you can become a Segway retailer on your own. To learn more about any of this or to talk to a pro, you can check out our site or call us at (800) 424-5126.